What we do

The China Club of Seattle holds events throughout the year to increase the awareness, understanding and appreciation of developments in Chinese culture, history, philosophy, and current affairs. Some of our past events are listed below:

Jon DeVaney presenting

The Price of Cherries in China: Tariffs and Washington State trade

March 15th, 2019- Jon DeVaney, the president of the Washington State Tree Fruit Growers, discussed the market uncertainties the Washington State Tree Fruit growers face in light of the ongoing trade dispute with China. DeVaney also gave us the most current look at how the State’s fruit trade has been impacted and the outlook going forward.

Seattle Asian American Film Festival: A Chinese New Year Celebration with the China Club

January 18th, 2019- In collaboration with SAAFF we celebrated the year of the pig in style. We had look back at the history of Asian American independent cinema and then SAAFF staff discussed their favorite films from this year’s lineup and watched a special preview of one of this year’s featured films.

Blaming China: It Might Feel Good, But is it Good For America? with Benjamin Shobert

November 30th, 2018- Uncertainty continues in the trade war as its effects start their way through the world economy. Benjamin Shobert explained what this means for both countries now and in the future. He led a thought-provoking discussion of the issues raised in his new book “Blaming China – It Might Feel Good but It Won’t Fix America’s Economy.”

Former Bellevue Mayor Conrad Lee at the China Club: The Past, Present, and Future of our Local Chinese Community

May 18th, 2018- The China Club was honored to welcome current Bellevue City Council Member and former Mayor Conrad Lee who speak to us about the tremendous, accelerating changes in our local Chinese community and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As a resident here for over 50 years, Mayor Lee has witnessed firsthand how the community has evolved and played an active part in making it what it is today.

Korean Consul General Lee at the China Club: Seattle’s new Consul General discusses Korea- China, business and challenges

March 30th, 2018- Consul General Lee presented his personal observations and analysis into the economic relations between South Korea and China that have emerged over the last three decades, and shared Korean business perspectives on the current Chinese economic system. The opportunities and challenges in doing business with China were identified not only from the Korean but also a global standpoint. He also discussed his insights on how we should engage China economically in a mutually beneficial way.

Seattle Asian American Film Festival: A Behind the Scenes Look with the China Club

January 19th, 2018- The China Club got a behind the scenes look at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival (SAAFF) which ran Feb. 22-25. Festival co-founder Vanessa Au assembled a panel of their staff including co-director and independent filmmaker, Martin Tran, opening night entertainment producer Victoria Ju, and grant writer and associate professor at the UW Department of Communication, Leilani Nishime. Together they discussed the history of the festival, why it’s important, and why they dedicate their time and energy into putting on SAAFF. This was a lively and entertaining program ahead of Chinese New Year in which the panel shared some highlights of the festival!